Book chapters and Papers in progress

Chapter Books

  • A. Cancino and G.N. Zurita. A Location-based Service to support collaboration and strategic control in a Real Estate Broker. En Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence, Lecture Notes in Computer Science series, Volume 10586, Springer.
  • A. Cancino J.M. Merigó, and F.C. Coronado. Innovation research: a bibliometric analysis. Best of AMSE 2016. Editor: Christian Berger Vachon. Selection at the AMSE Conferences 2016. Lectures on Modelling and Simulation, 2017, 11-20.
  • A. Cancino. Emprendimiento e innovación regional: el rol de los gobiernos. Editores: J.P. Torres, D. Diaz, S. Etchebarne. Dinámicas de la Innovación: Made in LATAM. Departamento de Administración de Empresas, FEN, Universidad de Chile, 2017, 111-128.

Papers in progress

  • Cancino, C., La Paz, A., Ramaprasad, A. & Thant, S. Technological innovation for sustainable growth: An ontological perspective for comprehensive management.
  • Cancino, C., Merigó, J.M., Rialp, A. & Urbano, D. Twenty-five years of the International Business Review: A bibliometric overview.
  • Guimón, J., Cancino, C. Nuevos modos de conexión con redes globales de innovación.
  • Etchebarne, M.S., Cancino, C. & Merigó, J.M.. Promotion of Scientific Production in Business and Management Research in Chile: a Bibliometric Analysis.