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People with certain jobs, wealth, or education might still be treated with more respect. Americans frequently get new clothes, electronics, and other items. Coming up with new ideas and new ways of doing things is valued in America. Americans like to look ahead, improve things, and be ready for the future. At many schools, children will learn and recite the Pledge of Allegiance. A verse to show respect and promise support to the United States.

  1. An American might read this list of values and feel it does not represent their own values.
  2. There are no American peasants, and this may be the real reason why to so many Americans the love of the land is little more than a poetic expression.
  3. People that immigrate to the United States have often found themselves in an unfortunate position, whether that being economic or social and they see this land as the light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. They tend to stand with a bit of space between them, typically the distance of an outstretched arm.
  5. America was a nation built upon the foundation of freedom, its people fought to attain unalienable rights from an oppressive authority.
  6. In the 1820s, the two-party system of the Jacksonian Democrats and the Whigs emerged.

As a matter of fact, the number of Americans who want to be “carried back” to Old Virginia or to any other particular place is remarkably small. When it comes to retiring from active life and dying somewhere, they would rather move to a nice climate, if they can, like California or Florida, than to the place where they were born. Human senses cannot focus on a whole continent the way the painters of the Italian Renaissance could depict on one piece of canvas, and with all its details, the whole familiar area around them which was, in fact, their country. The American must be content with a simplified and purely convenient kind of blueprint of the forty-eight states and the broad outlines of endless plains, tremendous mountains, and gigantic rivers. To a European, no country is more interesting from this point of view than America, and in the seven years I have lived here none has interested me and puzzled me more. Madsen also cited Frederick Douglass, a prominent black abolitionist before and during the American Civil War (1861–1865), who argued that the idea of American exceptionalism was absurd because the inherent nature of slavery still existed at the time. The American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr argued that the automatic assumption that America acts for the right will bring about moral corruption, although Niebuhr supported America’s Cold War policies.

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To magnify corporate power a century-and-a-half later, it defines a class of private property how to reference an article in an essay as people. The effect is to undercut the democratic basis of American governance.

“America is not the greatest country in the world anymore.” – Will McAvoy, a character from HBO’s Newsroom created by Aaron Sorkin. American Creed The United States is made up of so many different cultures, religions, races and that’s what makes this country beautiful. American Creed My essay was about the perspectives of being an American from the eyes of Terrence Davenport. His views on struggle and unity, in my essay I write about how hearing his perspective how many paragraphs are in a short essay on what it means to be American, and how it affected my views on struggle, ingenuity, and unity. We were named the United States of America, so Americans can come together to solve problems and to help this country thrive. Not to become separated over issues that Republicans and Democrats can’t agree on. To Be American The modern American Dream is a personal definition of success, but there is inadequate community which prevents achievement.

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Today one seldom meets an American skeptic, for the reason that nothing is more assuredly unAmerican than to entertain any doubt concerning the fact that somehow or other this country will come out all right. For the moment, however, there is a very important trait in the make-up of the American nationality which does not exist, I believe, in any other.

People can say that being American has to do with language whether or not they can speak english. The idea of language use relates to the concept of who is considered American… But I am hopeful, as stated in Langston Hughes’ “I, Too, Sing America” “Tomorrow, I’ll be at the table. Like how time erodes the metal bonds, the society too will break these social bonds in a matter of time. Honestly true freedom, to allow for any actions taken to be regarded in the manner of freedom, will result in disorder and probably anarchy.

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It is an interesting topic of discussion to think of what makes someone an American, whether they are… Curiously enough, in a country where material changes are extraordinarily rapid, this moral and political frame has the stability of a dogma. For instance, America is the only country in the world which pretends to listen to the teaching of its founders as if they were still alive.

The reason is their skills and talents for enhanced focus, pattern recognition, and attention to detail. With quality software assurance, businesses thrive well with the appreciation of diversity. First, Americans are supportive of small entrepreneurs who have a zeal for doing business, and this empowers many people bridge statement examples to take what has been just ideas and make them a reality. The support is given in various forms, such as reducing interests for borrowed loans, providing a conducive environment for small businesses and startups, providing free entrepreneurship classes, and reducing the import of goods that can be produced locally.

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To uproot themselves and cross the ocean was in most cases a painful operation, but one that was undertaken with hopefulness and courage, because Americanism, as a faith, has a tremendous appeal. But once a man has broken his roots from his native land, the reaction which takes place within himself is not a simple one.

  1. Newspaper reporting the annexation of the Republic of Hawaii in 1898.
  2. “Remarkably balanced, forthright, and unwavering in its search for the truth” , A Good American Family evokes the political dysfunctions of the 1950s while underscoring what it really means to be an American.
  3. It contains thousands of paper examples on a wide variety of topics, all donated by helpful students.
  4. Individual people have their own values that may be different.
  5. In recent years this form of suffering has been imposed on larger and larger sections of human beings.

In the appendix of Lewis’s short book, he listed moral rules of behavior that were historically shared by many religions and belief systems. In the contemporary U.S., list examples of common knowledge, values, and skills that most Americans agree are critical for good citizenship. Since most American children for hundreds of years learned by using these books, we can deduce from them many common values educators and political leaders historically thought appropriate to teach the nation’s children. Use student answers from the “Formation of Citizens” worksheet to create a list on the whiteboard of common expectations of knowledge, skills, and values for early citizens. The New England Primer,first published in 1687 or 1688 and written by Benjamin Harris, a British journalist who immigrated to Boston, was highly popular through the first few decades of the nineteenth century. It was the most popular schoolbook in the English colonies and the early Republic for over 150 years and served as the foundation of most schooling before the 1790s.

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Underlying these proposals is a belief that as we begin to participate in public projects, our perspectives and concerns will broaden. From a focus on self and a view of society as unrelated autonomous individuals, we will come to look beyond ourselves and come to view ourselves as members of a larger community concerned not only about ourselves but about our fellow Americans, peoples of other nations, future generations, and non human life. “When citizens are engaged in thinking about the whole, they find their conceptions of their interests broadened, and their commitment to the search for a common good deepens.” It is precisely this sense of common purpose and public spirit crucial to the guidance of institutions in a democracy that is absent from our society today.

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The Foreign Language Information Service provided translations in thirteen European languages. Just as our Society’s Founders saw the need to educate their fellow Americans about their shared rights and responsibilities, it is incumbent upon us to model good citizenship for the benefit of current generations.

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There are no American peasants, and this may be the real reason why to so many Americans the love of the land is little more than a poetic expression. It may be the reason how to start commentary why things pertaining to the soil retain a peculiar symbolic quality which is in marked contrast with the poignant connotation that these things have in other countries.

how can i be a good american examples

Also to have the ability to do what you want, how you want, and where you want. The amendments are what give us those freedoms, like the freedom of speech, and the freedom of religion.

Exceptionalism as “exemptionalism”

And it is fine for Americans to seek more equality for people of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, incomes, and sexual orientations, but not to deny the significant progress America has made, on all these fronts, one generation after the other. Abstract African-American culture has a conglomeration of variations due to the nature of it with regards to politics and history. The implications of African-American culture will be detailed throughout this paper to provide insight on today’s culture.

  1. Most Americans behave, in fact, as if men like Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, and many others could be called up on the phone for advice.
  2. America’s Protectors The media tends to focus on the negative actions of the people who protect the citizens of The United States and their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  3. It is not static, and one feels that it still contains tremendous possibilities of expression.
  4. Being a U.S citizen can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people it can mean being free, having more rights, or just being proud of where you live.
  5. One could argue that Americans have a deep attachment to the section of the map which they occupy, and that they would still love it much if Hitlerism or Stalinism became the law of the land.

It is “clear-eyed and empathetic” tribute from a brilliant writer to his father and the family he protected in dangerous times. Pursuing the common good in a pluralist democracy is not possible without making compromises.Yet the spirit of compromise is in short supply in contemporary American politics.

American Enlightenment: a Period that Shaped American Ideals

There’s a lot that goes into being an American, one huge thing that is the root of being an American is freedom, to be an American means that you must continue to grow industrially. August 11 and 12 of 2017, a rally called “Unite the Right” was organized by a group called Alt-Right which was comprised of a bunch of white supremacists, white nationalists, neo-confederates, neo-Nazis, and various types of militias to go against the idea of taking down… Of course an increasing number of Americans are wondering today whether God made the Atlantic Ocean wide enough, and President Roosevelt, with general approval, is giving a helping hand to the Creator by building many battleships and many planes which will reinforce this natural obstacle. Colonel de La Rocque, leader of the once picturesque Croix de Feu movement, failed to achieve real power, not so much because he lacked political ability, but because nearly every day it was possible to pick up a howler in his speeches or in his articles. On the other hand, Léon Blum can address a very tough crowd in the most polished and even precious French and never be criticized for being too perfect.